Easily accessible by sea and at the foot of a mountain known for its legends, "The Seven Sisters", in the north of Norway is Alstahaug. It is an area that has always been central to Norwegian history.

Many famous people, such as the vikings Hårek on Tjøtta and Torolv Kveldulvsson, or the priest Petter Dass have been born along these shores. Already at this time there was a permanent bond between Helgeland and Europe, ties that developed further throughout the Middle Ages, not least through the Hanseatic period where relations between northern Norway and continental Europe were particularly active. Thus, connections between Alstahaug and Europe brought new technology and science to the northern coasts. These fresh ideas were quickly to the benefit of the local boatbuilder –  for the people of Northern Norway and the boat have always been as good as one, not only on the sea but also through a thousand years of thriving boat-building traditions.